G-shaped kitchens are named after the four sides that look like the letter "G". There is usually a fourth dimension (the jut or peninsula), that adds additional countertop or dining space. These are often found in open-plan areas, but they can also be added to single-use spaces.

G-shaped kitchens have their advantages, just like every other kitchen design. You might also find it useful to use a Modular kitchen design expert planner to help you design your space.


G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen

G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen

G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen
G Shaped Modular Kitchen
Advantage Of G Shaped Kitchen

You can get a clear idea of the advantage of a G-shaped kitchen when you are choosing your perfect kitchen layout.

1. For those who want to maximize their floor plan, a G-shaped kitchen layout can be very beneficial. You can make the most of your space when entertaining and preparing meals with worktops on each side.
2. You can also use the peninsula to make a great breakfast counter. When entertaining, you could invite your guests to the kitchen and have a glass of wine while they cook. You could also invite your children to help you with homework or prepare a dinner meal.
3. You can also have extra storage with a G-shaped kitchen. There are many options for flexible use, whether you want to add accessories like a wine fridge or more cabinets.

Things to keep in mind while Choosing your G Shaped Kitchen

It's essential to consider your style and aesthetic in addition to the G-shaped floor plan for your Kitchen. G-shaped kitchen designs are great for traditional and contemporary spaces.

Considering your layout

Once you've decided that a G-shaped space is suitable for you, it is time to start thinking about creating a kitchen that suits your needs and lifestyle. The work triangle promotes efficiency and flows within your space. It is best to place the essential appliances on the three main countertops, such as your cooker, fridge, and sink. Your peninsula section can be used for storage and dining.

Choosing Kitchen Units

Simplicity is key when constructing your G-shaped kitchen layout. To avoid overwhelming your space, it is best not to place overhead cabinets in the peninsula section. To keep the space feeling less crowded, you can choose to have the top units in a different style or color. For a seamless look, you can choose top cabinets that match your wall color.

Planning Storage

G-shaped kitchens offer greater storage space than other layouts. It is essential to plan your area well. Corner cabinets can be used to maximize the space in your Kitchen's corner sections. Tall cabinets are also an excellent option to store more oversized items, such as your vacuum cleaner or mops span. You can experiment with store design and find the right system for you.

G Shaped kitchen lighting

Flexible G-shaped kitchen designs allow you to choose the lighting system that suits you best. You can opt for overhead spotlights to give your Kitchen a more minimalistic look. Kitchens are functional spaces that require lots of light. You may also want to install under cabinet lighting for easier cutting and reading. Accent lighting can also be added to open cabinets or shelving units to increase depth and interest. You have many options to be creative. Decorative pendant lights can bring personality to the peninsula. A G-shaped kitchen is an excellent choice if you intend to use the peninsula for entertaining or a breakfast bar.

Where to Put Appliances

Appliances are an integral part of every Kitchen. It's essential to consider their placement in the design phase. When placing your appliances, keep in mind the triangle of the Kitchen. It may be best not to place them on your peninsula. Place your most essential appliances on the main walls of your Kitchen. This will give you ample space for preparation and keep all your devices within reach.To make your Kitchen more efficient, you can place a washer and dryer in the peninsula section. This may not allow you to use the 'jut' as a breakfast bar.

Choosing Your G Shaped Kitchen from Regalo Kitchens

G-shaped kitchens can be used for storage, preparation, and entertaining, no matter how big or small your space. They can be used in any style, no matter what your preferences are. Our expert design team is ready to assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

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