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Regalo Wardrobe is the Fastest Growing Brand In Top 10 modular wardrobe brand in Jaipur Regalo Kitchens is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of modular wardrobes in Jaipur.

If you renovate your bedroom or create a new one from scratch, we can provide the modular wardrobe you've always wanted.

We provide modular designs wardrobes that check all the boxes of design, quality, and longevity.

Types Of Modular Wardrobe
1. Open Shutter Wardrobe
2. Sliding Modular Wardrobe
3. Walk-In Closet

Modular Wardrobe in Jaipur
Types Of Modular Wardrobe

1. Open Shutter Wardrobe
Also called open shutter wardrobes This is the most popular wardrobe design that has the shutter that is attached to the frame with the hinges. The most common hinge, swing, or hinged doors can be constructed according to the layout: L-shaped, pentagonal, triangular. Ideal for Any empty shell painted and pre-floored. It's suitable for small and large space widths.

Advantage Of Open Shutter Wardrobe
Open shutter wardrobes are simple to set up, are easy to move around and more affordable than sliding wardrobes. They are also able to fit into an L-shaped corner or asymmetric rooms.

2. Sliding Modular Wardrobe
As the name suggests, Sliding Door Wardrobes slide horizontally on channels of metal attached to the upper and lower shelves of the closet. They provide plenty of space since they slide along the sides and aren't open. You can use them on only one wall.
Best suited for Rooms with medium-to-large dimensions, with pre-painted floors and pre-painted walls.

Advantage Of Sliding Wardrobe
Slider wardrobes are space-saving, stylish, and elegant and offer a massive amount of space compared to Open shutter wardrobes.

3. Walk-In Closet
Closets with walk-ins are now being used in larger homes as well as homes. They keep the dressing room distinct from the main bedroom, offer more storage space and are enclosed with an opening partition or lined with wooden, looking for traditional wardrobes. Great for Ideal For large bedrooms in bungalows and apartments.

Advantage Of Walk-In Closet
Walk-in closets look elegant, offer privacy, and also prevent spillage of clothes in the bedroom. Choose the type of wardrobe you'd like depending on the dimensions and shape of your space. A large, straight wardrobe is ideal for storing things, while walk-in closets are ideal for big spaces. This makes a separate area for the storage of other items.

Premium Quality Modular Wardrobe In Jaipur

At Regalo Kitchens, we ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to at every stage of the modular wardrobes in Jaipur, whether design, planning, or manufacturing. Most well-known manufacturer of modular wardrobes in Jaipur We guarantee that you receive the best blend of function and quality from our selection of products.

Attractive Modular Wardrobe at Great Prices

Regalo Kitchens is a Patparganj located in Delhi and has an elite team that will ensure that the wardrobe you choose for your bedroom meets the best quality standards. Being among the top and most trusted modular wardrobes in Jaipur, We make sure that every piece of our range of modular wardrobes is designed with precision and provides you with the best price-quality proportion in Jaipur. For more information you can simply call us at +91 9971006612 or fill out our contact form so our expert team get in touch with you as soon as possible.