Modular Kitchens are a modern, well-designed kitchen that uses space efficiently and features factory-made storage cabinets. Parallel modular kitchens are made up of one of three components: the hob, sink and fridge. This kitchen arrangement splits the Kitchen into separate areas for dry and wet work.

Kitchens with longitudinal areas or a passage connecting to the Kitchen will benefit from parallel line kitchen designs. Parallel Modular Kitchens are organized because they have multiple cabinets that can hold accessories and kitchenware. The Kitchen's components are all made from high-quality wood, granite and marble, and tile. It enhances the design's beauty and elegance.


Parallel Modular Kitchen
Parallel Modular Kitchen
Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen
Parallel Modular Kitchen
Parallel Modular Kitchen
Particular Features of Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen has amazing features that will allow you to enjoy the process of cooking fully. Parallel Modular Kitchen's layout is designed to make life easier. Parallel Line kitchens come with sliding and pocket doors that increase storage space and reduce visible clutter.
The working triangle forms an exact triangle adjacent to the refrigerator and sinks in the Parallel Kitchen layout. The kitchen sink is placed in line with the fridge, giving you maximum space between them. A parallel Modular Kitchen allows two people to work together in the Kitchen.

Advantages of Parallel Modular Kitchen

These kitchens are elegant and modern and offer a wonderful experience in cooking.
Parallel line kitchens are space-efficiently designed. You get plenty of storage space without clutter.
Modular kitchens can be very practical if you make good use of the space available.

Here Are Few Things To Keep In Mind When designing a Parallel kitchen:

Although the Parallel modular kitchen design is more expensive than regular kitchens, it's worth the extra cost for the style and convenience they provide to your Kitchen. Modular kitchens can take between two and six weeks to install, meaning that the Kitchen is ready for use in just a few weeks. The design of a kitchen is not a permanent task. However, maintaining the Kitchen can be solved by using high-quality materials in Parallel modular kitchens. Essentials for designing a Parallel kitchen

Essentials for designing a straight kitchen
Budget : A Parallel line kitchen allows you to choose from a variety of furniture materials.
The Parallel kitchen layout : You can make your Kitchen layout as personal as possible or get expert advice.
Material : Modular kitchens can be made from many materials, including wood, marble, and granite. Choose materials that suit your needs and budget.

Regalo Kitchens also offers other modular kitchen designs:

Regalo Kitchens also offers other modular kitchen designs to suit your needs, including straight, U Shaped kitchen, l-shape and island designs etc. Visit our showroom or consult us today to book your ideal modular kitchen.