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About us

We Build Masterpiece - Not Just a Kitchen. For us, KITCHENS are not just about cooking a variety of dishes for
the family but an important place in the home that strengthens the family bond over delicious foods.

Modular kitchens
designer in India

We today stand as the most trusted brand in the modular kitchen niche. We are a top kitchen specialist who mass produces and sells various kitchens, wardrobes, and bathroom vanity designs.

Modular Kitchens Designer

12+ Years Experience
in this Field

Our Products

At Regalo Kitchens, we will drive you into obtaining our product as our designs have an element of surprise. Our extensive range
of products includes Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, bathroom Vanity & LCD panel design.

Our designer team always pursues simplicity and high-end functionality while compiling the highest quality material with innovative designs. We create
products that are tailored to individual requirements. Our detailed craftsmanship and design will leave the footprints of elegance and luxury in your home.

matte black island modular kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is becoming the new trendsetter for modern homes. Modular kitchen design is a well-planned design that provides a seamless and functional experience for the homeowner. Kitchen design allows you to organize your area through several divided cabinets.

Regalo Kitchens is the one of the fastest growing kitchen producer in Delhi and other cities of India, We offer a variety of modular kitchen in Delhi and many other locations across India. We are specialized and have an experienced team for interior kitchens as well as other cities. We craft simple kitchen designs that are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Our curated, modular kitchen includes everything from modest kitchens with minimal d├ęcor to elegant kitchen interior ideas.

We are popular for the best price of any type of kitchen or you can say best budget friendly modular kitchen you can get only at Regalo Kitchens with top notch quality of each and every product used in the kitchen. If you are planning your dream kitchen in Delhi or any city in India, please visit our product display first and then choose your vendor. All our modern kitchen designs can be customized to fit your budget and existing space. We are the best interior kitchen brand in India.

modular wardrobe design

Modular Wardrobe

Explore the range of walk-in closets,
sliding doors, openable shutter wardrobes
to beautify your home interior.
LCD Panel Design

TV Panel

Explore the variety of elegant
TV panel designs to give a unique
look at your living area.
Bathroom Vanity Design

Bathroom Vanity

Stylish and spacious bathroom vanity
with contemporary designs to
improve the functionality.
Types Of Modular Kitchens

A well-planned and tailor-made Modular Kitchen adds an aesthetic look to a kitchen. Skilled craftsmen design our Modular kitchens to meet all your needs and adapt to the space in your home.

The eight most usual modular kitchen area designs are the L-Shaped, In-Line, U-Shaped, G-shaped, Parallel, Italian, Island and German - each of these has its advantages and uses the work triangular in different ways, Today most popular kitchen is Luxury modular kitchen in Delhi and other cities.

u-shaped modular kitchen design

U Shape Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen design features three walls lined with cabinets and appliances. It's an efficient design that saves floor space.

l-shaped modular kitchen design

L Shape Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most efficient layouts for modern kitchens. L-shaped Kitchens are a great way to organize your space and make it easy

g-shaped modular kitchen design

G Shape Kitchen

As the name suggests, G shaped kitchens
have four sides resembling the letter 'G.'
It's very similar to U-shaped kitchens,
except there is usually a fourth dimension
that adds extra countertop or dining space.

island modular kitchen design

Island Kitchen

A kitchen island is a unit that can be
freestanding and used to enhance the
functionality and appearance of your cooking
space.Traditional units are rectangular, with
one section being used as a breakfast counter.

parallel modular kitchen design

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchens are a classic design that
consists of two walls and a passageway. It is
packed with wall cabinets and base cabinets on
each side. This layout is easy to design, as
there isn't enough space for corner cabinets.

Types Of Modular Wardrobe

Bedroom wardrobes are a great place to store clothes and accessories. Modular Wardrobe Design are also separate the changing rooms from the rest of your bedroom, keeping it tidy and clutter-free. Regalo is a Modular Wardrobe producer in Delhi and other cities also. You can organize your home and improve the appearance of your wardrobe section using selected different designs of Modular Wardrobe in Delhi or anywhere in India including a range of colors and layouts that will fit in your space like Italian modular Wardrobe in Delhi or anywhere in India. For Modular Wardrobe in Delhi or India Regalo is a known name and fastest growing company soon we will be no 1 company of Modular Wardrobe producers in Delhi as well as India. Today most popular design of the wardrobe is Italian modular Wardrobe in Delhi and India, Just visit our showroom as per your nearest location and check the design, quality and Prices.

sliding door modular wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

A sliding door wardrobe is an
essential piece of bedroom furniture.
These wardrobes will enhance
your bedroom's decor and offer
ample storage space to store
your clothes, accessories,
as well as beauty products.

openable shutter modular wardrobe design

Openable Shutter Wardrobe

Give your home the attention it deserves with a timeless Openable shutter wardrobe. This timeless Shutter is well-known for its classic design and high-quality craftsmanship. Because of their classic appearance and long-term durability, Openable shutters have been elevated to a high level.

walk-in-closet modular wardrobe design

Walk in Closet Wardrobe

You have many options for design
and placement when it comes to
walk-in wardrobes. Many homeowners
today need a well-equipped closet.
These storage spaces have
become more than just a
place for clothes to be kept.

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Modular kitchen designs can be difficult to create. Our manufacturing solutions are ideal for modern kitchen needs.



Regalo Kitchens is attentive to detail which allows us to deliver Modular Kitchen Solutions that are precise and meet all the requirements of our customers.



Our made-to-measure step is followed by the technical Installation team, which is considered one of the vital stages. Modular Kitchens installation demands a level of expectation which our team possesses.



A built-to-order kitchen is the need of the changing time, and Regalo Kitchens understand it fully.



Our designs reflect modern times and changing needs. These requirements are met effortlessly by our Modular Kitchen Designer. Our 3D & 2D design is the perfect collaboration for your requirement, the look & the design you want.



Regalo Kitchens believes in delivering customer satisfaction, not only top-class products and solutions.

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