Wardrobe Designs

Regalo Wardrobe is the Fastest Growing Brand In Top 10 modular wardrobe brand in india Modular wardrobes are a great home accessory that is quickly making its way into urban spaces. They are well-known for their unique designs, functionality, and elegant patterns, as well as a host of other remarkable features. These wardrobes are easy to customize. They can match your budget, colour preferences, and size.

How important is designing your wardrobe?

There are many modular wardrobe options on the market. It's not enough to store your clothes inside, but it can also enhance your bedroom look. We will now discuss the importance of a modular wardrobe as part of your home essentials.

To Add More Space
A wardrobe is an important part of any home. A wardrobe can take up too much space; a modular cupboard can help in this. The stunning multi-functional design of this cabinet can be used to combine a TV cabinet, bookshelf, drawers, and wardrobe into one piece.

For custom-made furniture
A wardrobe design can help you achieve the layout you want. This not only saves space, but it also fits your needs to the best. You can customize the wardrobe like you want by changing its color, size, and shape.

Enjoy More Comfort
Modular wardrobe designs can make it possible to free up more space. You will also find a space with less clutter. A small space is easier to maneuver, and a well-organized wardrobe makes it easy to find the right accessory or cloth at the right moment.

Style and elegance are two things you can add to your life.
Modular cupboards are strong, stylish and sturdy and it can transform the look of your bedroom.

Popular Modular Wardrobe Designs

Walk-in Closet Wardrobe
A Walk-in closet is a large closet, wardrobe, or room used primarily for clothing, footwear, and a changing area. This room is usually small and has a wall-mounted shelf, cabinet, drawers and shelves. These can be either with or without doors, such as sliding doors. Walk-in closets don't often have doors in front shelves. This can allow for a better view of clothes but also makes them easier to dust. If the closet is large enough to allow for dressing and undressing, it will often be equipped with one or two mirrors. A bench or chair is a good addition to the room. Sometimes a dressing table can also be found in the walk-in closet. This dual usage can help relieve congestion in other rooms, such as the bathroom.

Sliding Door Wardrobe
A bedroom sliding door wardrobe is a useful solution that can give you more storage space and keep your bedroom tidy. The shutters on a sliding door don't swing like standard wardrobes. The doors attach to the channel at the top and the bottom of the wardrobe frame. They move horizontally between tracks. Sliding door wardrobes don't take up much space, making them ideal for small bedrooms. You can use a sliding doors wardrobe to transform your bedroom or create a new interior design.

Openable shutter wardrobe
The openable shutter wardrobes can be attached to it with hinges. The door swings open wide when you pull on the handles. This allows for full access to the closet. Hooks and pockets are also available for belts, ties, etc., in an openable shutter wardrobe. Regalo is the no. one Modular Wardrobe manufacturer so we can manufacture the wardrobe as per your requirement. There are many styles and textures available for openable shutter wardrobes. You can also choose to have decorative door handles that match the wardrobe's design. Shutter wardrobes with openable shutters are simple to maintain. The hinges can be easily replaced or tightened. You can make openable shutter wardrobes at any angle so that you can use every corner.

Italian Modular Wardrobe
Today in fashion most popular Modular wardrobe is Italian modular Wardrobe it is very useful for less space in the room, It is in trend for 3 to 5 BHK but rooms are smaller in size.

German Modular Wardrobe
This allows for a hassle-free space management in the rooms of the house German modular Wardrobe is new in design and its pattern is like hotels that can design in the open area also, because it uses different types of finish that can match with your open area or drawing room theme.

Luxury Modular Wardrobe
For high class houses, kothis with internationl look Regalo provides you Luxury Modular Wardrobe its look is very unique and increases the attaraction of the house.

How to Choose the Right Modular Wardrobe Design?

There are many modular wardrobes designs on the market. A well-designed and ill-designed cupboard will cost you the same. To make the best choice, make sure to:

You only need what you use - Keep as few things as possible. If you don't have much to store, you can opt for a smaller wardrobe. It is better not to be tempted to buy a large one if you don't need it.
Remember ergonomics: Nobody wants to crawl all over the floor looking for the things they need. It can also be difficult to bend your knees and pull out clothes. A well-designed wardrobe can make it more comfortable.

How to Design a Wardrobe

Modular wardrobe price are not just dependent on their design but also on the essentials they contain. A perfect wardrobe should have shelves and hangers. It also needs a pull-and-push handle that can be pulled off and taken down easily.

Why Regalo Kitchens Is The Right Choice For Modular Wardrobe Design Solutions?
Regalo Kitchens is the perfect choice if you're looking to update or remodel your wardrobe. Regalo is the Modular Wardrobe manufacturer not outsourcing the work, we have our own manufacture unit with the high class machienes. Regalo is the best What's the secret? Let's find out!

Custom wardrobes: Regalo Kitchens offers custom-made wardrobes. Choose the color, size and design of your style. The expert interior designers will transform your ideas into reality.

Expert consultation: Our Company has an expert team of interior designers. They are available to provide quick advice and assistance in wardrobe design. They can assist you in every step of the process, from understanding your needs to designing and executing the design.

Affordable Pricing: Regalo Kitchens offers affordable pricing for modular wardrobes. You can find a variety of wardrobe options under one roof. You can sometimes even receive a free consultation from our experts, who will help you find the best wardrobe solution for you.

Regalo Kitchens Offers Modular Wardrobe Services
Regalo Kitchens can create a perfect modular wardrobe for storing clothes, accessories and shoes with a team of interior designers who-

• Identify your needs.
• Take a look at the space in which you would like to place the wardrobe.
• Design and plan the cabinet.
• Choose the right material to make the wardrobe.
• Follow the plan.
• Regalo brand is the fastest growing brand for Modular Wardrobe manufacturer who is giving the Luxury modular Wardrobe very economical Modular Wardrobe Price.
• If there are any problems with the design, we provide after-sales assistance.

So, why should your old wardrobe make a mess of your home and your everyday outfit thing when you can personalize your personal Regalo Modular Kitchen, Modular wardrobe within just a few minutes!

We invite you to sign up on our website or browse through our vast array of services and products at our studios that offer experience located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

FAQ's About Modular Wardrobe Design

Question: How to choose the best modular wardrobe?
Answer: If you want to choose the best modular wardrobe for your home then just simply observe the type of your house and room, with that, observe the color and other things like these then you will be able to finalize which type of wardrobe will be best in your home either its laminate or steel or expandable or any other. We got a variety of modular wardrobes and have experts who are in this field for years. You can contact us and we will assist you with our experts to finalize which type of wardrobe is going to look best in your home.

Question: What is the Modular wardrobe price in India?
Answer : The price of modular wardrobe in India is increasing day by day because it is getting in trend rapidly with that it is best to manage space in small houses. The starting price can be a little bit high but the best thing about it is you can customize it according to your needs so if anything is getting over your budget then just deduct it and get all the specifications according to your need. This way you will be able to complete your needs within your budget. We are providing many options in wardrobe at a very low price and the best quality jo just grab your customized wardrobe set today.

Question : Which modular wardrobe design will be best for my house?
Answer : The best modular design depends on your home theme, design, and your wants when all these things get combined then a solution comes with a modular wardrobe design that will suit you for sure. Normally observing all these things and then choosing a wardrobe from such a wide range of wardrobe designs become quite complex and this makes you choose the wrong because generally, people do not have enough knowledge to buy one from such a wide range. To overcome this problem we’ve got a number of experts who are going to tell you which wardrobe is going to fit best for you because they have a lot of experience in this field so wait no more contact us now.

Question : Is it beneficial to buy a modular wardrobe from a modular wardrobe manufacturer?
Answer : "It is absolutely beneficial to buy a modular wardrobe from the manufacturer because if you will buy the same product from other companies then there will be some other margins added in the price of the product, on the other hand, if you will buy the same form the manufacturer then it will absolutely cost you lower than usual because they are the direct manufacturer of that product so there will be no mediator which means no additional margins of retailer and wholesaler which will lower the price of a high-quality product. You can buy wardrobes from India’s top modular wardrobe manufacturer which is Regalo. We are offering you the best quality at such a low price that it may sound impossible but it is possible because they are a direct manufacturer.

Question : What is special in Italian modular wardrobe ?
Answer : A modular wardrobe is all about making a modern wardrobe. Italian modular wardrobe is the most sleek among all designs. It allows you to get more space smartly and gives you a clean look which makes it more attractive because the cleaner it looks the more modern it looks and attracts more. With this, the color combination in it gives it a plus point to make its eyes relaxing and calming. Italian look gives a kind of professional and luxurious both at the same time. If you want Italian modular wardrobe then contact us and get that look in your home as it is new for everyone so this look will make it unique between your college, friends, and relatives.

Question : What is the best german modular wardrobe brand in India?
Answer : If you have an open area and accessible sunlight then you should try a german modular wardrobe in your home because these types of modular wardrobes work best if you have good space in your home and you want good looking modern look in your home. This look can give you a feel of hotels because most hotels have this kind of wardrobe as they have enough space in their rooms. German look gives more space and a kind of professional look with that you get a wide variety in this with this you can opt this if you want to you home to look minimalistic but have more space with it so your right choice will be german wardrobes. We are offering a wide range of german styles so if you want to get your home into a german look then contact us now.

Question : Why should you go for luxury modular wardrobe designs in India?
Answer : Because luxury modular wardrobe is available in less range of variety to most brands that is why very few people go towards it as they think it is quite expensive but it's not the whole truth because in today’s day the luxurious wardrobe comes in almost the same price as others so why to buy an average looking modular wardrobe when you can buy a luxurious one almost on the same price. The luxury look gives your home a royal theme and gives it a standard so that it will not look ordinary anymore. The luxury look works on every theme and it just spices up every theme of a home so do not hesitate to get your luxurious modular wardrobe from us other brands increase the price a lot when you go for this one but we do not do this instead we have a small variation in the price range which is quite acceptable to all.

Question: Which are the top 10 modular wardrobe brands in India?
Answer : Why choose any other brand when you are getting the same quality and same price from a brand that is best in business? If you want to buy any modular wardrobe then contact us because we are the manufacturer of this wardrobe so we provide these products at very reliable prices. Our quality, service, and price are the only reason that we are counted among the top 10 modular wardrobe brands in india. So, instead of buying from other brands you should buy from us as we are the direct manufacturer, provide products at low prices, have great quality, and have hundreds of customers believe in us.