Bathroom Vanity Design

A bathroom vanity can be among the most important focal points in every bathroom. You can add style and practicality to your bathroom by installing the latest bathroom vanity by the Regalo Kitchens. You can choose a double sink or single sink vanity, bathroom vanity with top or not; we've got you covered with a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to meet the budget of your requirements.


How Do I Choose a Bathroom Vanity?

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right bathroom vanity for your needs is the size. Choosing a vanity that can meet your requirements is important but still gives the space needed to move around your bathroom with ease. Bathroom vanities come in widths, ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches bathroom vanities to 72 inches or more spacious. The typical depth of bathroom vanity is between 17 and 24 inches, and the average height is between 30-35 inches. At Regalo Kitchens, you can build your bathroom vanity that is custom-made to the style, size as well as color, and style you'd like.


Bathroom Vanity Design Types

If you decide to go with the traditional look or a custom Bathroom vanity design, before you begin, make sure there is enough space to achieve the design you're looking for. A bathroom vanity typically includes the sink, countertop, and storage area for linens, toiletries, and mirrors.
Bathroom vanity design comes in six fundamental kinds: a pedestal, a freestanding floating vessel, an under-mounted sink, and a cabinet.



It requires very little space.
Pedestal sinks are the most basic type,
with no counter or space to store things.
It's a sink and basin. However,
it can fit in with any style of
home and is simple to set up.

Free -Standing

Like pedestals, the freestanding vanity
features a slim profile but can
be found in a rectangular or square
form to accommodate two sinks
ideal for bathrooms with masters.


A wall-mounted vanity, sometimes called
floating, is installed (securely) on the
bathroom wall. It gives your bathroom an
open, modern appearance with space beneath.
If you don't have a lot of storage space,
then you can include countertops.


This design is placed on top of your counter, with an oversized bowl positioned above the sink, and features an additional tap. A vessel sink is extremely intricate with intricate designs and patterns and is made of porcelain or steel.

Under-Mounted Sink

A sink that is under-mounted has an integrated basin that is mounted beneath the countertop of the vanity. The style is elegant, sleek appearance; however, it has a limited area underneath the sink and can be more difficult to set up.


A vanity cabinet can be made similar to
kitchen cabinets, with drawers that pull out
that can be made to order to fit your
storage needs, available in
various hardware and door styles.

It is not a specific type however, you could consider an island vanity to make the most of your limited space if you have small bathrooms. When you've decided on the kind and dimension of your vanity, you'll have to pick the material and design of the doors (unless the vanity is a pedestal) and the best countertop.

With the variety of bathroom vanities options, there's a good chance you'll discover one that matches your style and design. From rustic bathroom vanities, contemporary vanity vanities for bathrooms, from farmhouse designs and industrial bathroom vanities, there are a variety of fantastic designs of vanities to choose from for your bathroom.

Color is another factor to consider. Perhaps you're looking to get the look of gray bathroom vanity. An updated, contemporary look from vanity cabinets in black to light brown and all colors between, you're bound to discover what you're looking for.

Bathroom Vanity with Tops and without Tops

If you're searching for the perfect bathroom vanity, be aware that it might be a top or not. Many people opt for bathroom vanities that come with tops. Bathroom vanity sets include the base, and the top is included.

A bathroom vanity complete with the top gives the user more freedom to create your unique design. Select a top with pre-drilled holes. Take into consideration the material used for the top of your bathroom vanity. The Regalo Kitchens offer many bathroom countertop materials, including marble, quartz laminate, granite countertops, and more. We also provide expert installation services to make sure you are completely satisfied with your bathroom remodelling project.