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5 Creative Themes for children bedroom

Children always have their own superhero and favorite characters like whom they want to be in the future. These all are their childhood imagination, but, they live & grow up with this kind of imagination. It is the parent’s responsibility to switch their imagination into reality by upgrading the bedroom with latest features and themes as per their choice so that children love to spend time in their room with full of creativity and this can help them grow up with creative minds.

Here are some frequently used & creative themes for children’s(boy & girl) room:
Disney theme: Adding some wall paint, creative characters print, bean bags as per themes, table chair, curtains and all accessories and features as per theme would add the look to the bedroom where child love to be.

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A Wardrobe is a most essential furniture item in any home. We all love to have a modular wardrobe to keep the stuff organized. When it comes to choosing a modular wardrobe, one should know the different types of wardrobe designs and measure which one will go perfectly with space.

There are different types of wardrobes to make choice such as Free Standing Wardrobe, Operable Wardrobe, Sliding Door Wardrobe, Walk-In Closet. Other than this, one can get a customized wardrobe of all type.

  • Openable Shutters Wardrobe: The openable shutters wardrobe is a traditional style and most recommended by all the manufacturer of a wardrobe. Openable shutters can be designed with different designs and finishes and it adds exclusive look to the bedroom. The openable wardrobes usually made with wood finish. There are more options such as metal and plastic also available for the openable shutters wardrobe.

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13 Must Have Accessories & Appliances In A Modular Kitchen

When planning to have a modular kitchen to upgrade features and accessories of your ordinary kitchen you must think of these 15 basic accessories & appliances:

  • Chimney: Chimneys have always been an essential part of the kitchen to deal with issues of vapor, moisture, smoke, and odor. These days, the style has become the need and thus, chimneys have gone through a complete transformation. Not only they look striking but also perform efficiently to keep the kitchen glow intact.

  • Dishwasher: Modern kitchens would definitely need a dishwasher for health, hygiene and style purposes. We offer a range of dishwasher that is capable of washing and drying the utensils. Such an appliance would wash and dry loads of utensils with minimum power consumption thus helps homeowners a great deal.

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KITCHEN – Where you serve LOVE, Where you cook HAPPINESS!

Are you still cooking with the kinds of stuff managed by the carpenters? If you are living in a house of your own choice then why to cook at the place which designed depending on skills of the carpenter? Switch to MODULAR KITCHEN to make your cooking fun!

Benefits of switching to the modular kitchen:

Advance Designing: You can have a choice of unique designs for your kitchen and modify it according to your convenience wherein carpenter made the kitchen, the carpenter stick to his skills and sense of design and make it almost same for all their projects. You can feel like having the same kitchen like many others.

Drawings: When renovating any part of the home, we all like to see the design of it and so far, with the carpenters, we used to see it on a piece of paper only. But now, the technology is advancing a lot and one can see their exact kitchen before it is even manufactured in the real with 2D and 3D drawings. The homeowners can make changes as per their choice and space and approve it if they see it good enough. However, a carpenter may not be able to provide a 2D or 3D drawing before working on the space.

Material & Cost: When hiring a modular kitchen manufacturer, you have to pay once and rest is their work to complete it anyhow. But, when you are depending on a carpenter to design your kitchen they will include your efforts in this as well by asking for material or even get you to buy it. So, you will need to pay every time you purchase any of the material which will become a lengthy and hectic process for you.

Timing: When ordering for a modular kitchen, the manufacturer will assure you to install your kitchen in the given time span in all professional and written conditions. Whereas, the carpenters can only let you know the approximate time they will take to design and finish it up. It can be earlier than said or it can be extended as per the workload of the carpenter.

Warranty: A professional modular kitchen manufacturer will give a limited time warranty for their product and material and will assist you with free services within that time in case of issue. But, the carpenter cannot commit anything for the material used and the installation was done by them because they will be picking up the material for your kitchen from different places which they as well do not have warranty for and then if you face any issue with the installation, they will charge you again to resolve it.

If you are looking for a modular kitchen manufacturer, then contact us on the below mentioned details to get the detailed knowledge of modular kitchen & wardrobe.


If you are planning to install new kitchens at your home then floors are used the most important part taken for granted. A kitchen is the most used room within home and the floor face more traffic, gathering and beating rather than other space or room so that the floor needs to both durable and artistically matching with your kitchens designs and color choices. There are various types of kitchens flooring choices in market having its own pros and cons. We will discuss here all types of flooring.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is almost a fail-safe option that fits any style or budget. As a durable surface, it is perfect for kitchens with multiple users, easily withstanding normal wear and tear, spills, and splashes. Ceramic tiles are available in an endless variety of patterns and designs that can all be mixed and matched to include varying textures, colors and designs. However, tiles can crack with time, and are extremely cold under the feet. As a flooring option, tile can be slippery, especially when there is moisture. Therefore, with a tile flooring, ensure there are rugs or mats to avoid the discomfort.

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