Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the foundation of a modern kitchen, and it's the component that requires the most consideration from the people who use them. The installation of kitchen cabinets can go in two ways. It can be an affordable affair or costly according to the style and materials you select and the type and styles of cabinets for kitchens. In the end, they help keep your kitchen clean and keep clutter from becoming evident. Once the design of the kitchen has been established, the next priority space is that of the kitchen cabinets. What's more? A professional interior designer needs to develop kitchen cabinet designs that maximize space utilization and reduce costs.

When selecting kitchen cabinets, be aware that they're primarily split into three main categories.

1. Base Kitchen Cabinets


Base Kitchen Cabinets

To establish the footprint of the kitchen's layout, base cabinets for kitchens are placed right on top of the flooring. You Can use them to support the countertop when it has been placed on top of the cabinets. There is the option of installing the sink in your base cabinet and other appliances, like dishwashers. Kitchen cabinets that are base can be utilized in various ways, including drawers, pull-outs and lazy susans, cabinets with shelves, and more. It's almost impossible to design your kitchen without them for what countertop will be set over? This is why it defines the floor plan or layout for your kitchen. Base cabinets are obviously, the most costly kind that kitchen cabinets come in.

Storage for the primary purpose The main storage purpose is to store everything from cutlery and crockery to appliances and utensils. A wide range of objects is placed in base cabinets. Therefore, of all varieties of kitchen cabinets, they are the most significant part used in kitchens.


2. Wall Kitchen Cabinets


Wall kitchen cabinet


As the name implies, kitchen cabinets for the wall are hung on the wall using screws. If they are correctly executed, they can be your contemporary kitchen's most attractive and appealing element. It is also possible to extend kitchen cabinets in the wall towards the ceiling to store things that aren't often used.

The primary storage function: You can store your kitchen items or food items and appliances that aren't too heavy.


3.  Tall Kitchen Cabinets


Tall kitchen cabinet


Also known as pantry or utility cabinets, tall kitchen cabinets extend from the floor to the ceiling or are free-standing units. As they serve a practical purpose and can be used for various purposes, you'll never run into storage space when you can fit the tall cabinets. They are also helpful to organize all the unmanageable objects and keep them available at all times. Actually, with a bit of technical support, you can even fit microwaves and ovens in these cabinets.

The primary storage function The main storage purpose is to store food items in bulk (cereals sauces, cereals sugar, flour and pickles, among others!) and cleaning products to appliances such as high cabinets and microwaves offer an abundance of storage.

Then, here are your three main types that comprise kitchen cabinetry. Each one serves a role, and together they can make your cooking experience a simpler one. Please let us know in the comments section below If you have any concerns.

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