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Choose the perfect bedroom wardrobe in just easy 4 step.


A wardrobe is considered to be the essential furniture at home as it is one of the most used pieces of furniture.

The right balance of functionality and style between your wardrobe and bedroom is essentials as well as tricky.

Finalize your Modular Wardrobe manufacturer in just three simple steps:-

Choose your wardrobe in just following steps



1. Wardrobe type

There are two types of wardrobe. First choose the right type of closets which suits your lifestyle.type of the wardrobe are as follows:-

Free Standing wardrobe:- If you are looking for portability as this gives you the option to transport conveniently from one home to another. The most common material used in these wardrobes is wood although it comes in other material too.

Built-In wardrobe:- This type of wardrobe takes time in designing and manufacturing while it can not be transferred to another place. Built-in Wardrobe gives you the liberty to customize the design drawers sizes, materials, and colors.

2. Measurement

What size you need depends on the floor space available and the height of the ceiling.

Check the height of the clothing rod you need. Ideal clothing rod height is 60 inches, you can customize  it as per your requirement too.


For more storage option deeper shelves are considered to be a good option. But consider the fact that your apparel should be accessible that’s why it should not be deeper more than 30 inches.


Tip:- Don’t let your wardrobe block the lighting of your room so it is advisable to maintain the adequate space between your wardrobe and the rest of the room furniture.

3.Wardrobe Style

It is essential to match your wardrobe style with your room interior to make it look like a theme.

While finalizing the wardrobe style keep the color, material, finish and detailing in mind.

Consider using extra hanging trails if you have shallow space. Wardrobe styles are as follows:

  • Sliding Door wardrobe.

  • Hinge door wardrobe.

  • L shaped Wardrobe.

  • Walk In wardrobe.

Choose the right style as per your bedroom space & need is vital to make your bedroom look perfect. A wrong pick on wardrobe  style can be proved disaster for your interior so be cautious with this.

Tip:- Adding a mirror to the front door of your wardrobe can make your space look larger.


Determine what kind of storage you need for your clothing section. If your wardrobe mainly consists of formal wear and dresses than have a sufficient hanging place for your coat and formal wear. 

Have multiple drawers if you have tons of accessories, This way you can organize your different accessories in different drawers.

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