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Complete guide on how to choose the right cabinet finish for your kitchen


Are you planning to renovate your kitchen?? if yes

You must be facing many questions and doubts pertaining to Kitchen Designs like:-

Which layout should I opt??

Which color combination to use.

Which material to use.


Which type of handle to use?

But take a pause here, Now tell me what you notice first when you enter someone’s kitchen and tell me the difference between two images or which one is drawing your attention??

Matte and glossy modular kitchen image.

Isn’t this is the cabinetry that you noticed first?

You want the shiny & glossy cabinetry or sleek look in matte. 

So here we are with the complete guide which one suits you best glossy or matte and this is not about its look.

What is a High Gloss finish?


High gloss cabinetry is most demanded finish. It is trending and popular among customers. It best suits to those who want the contemporary style kitchen. It is the combination of traditional and modern style kitchen with flat cabinets.

High gloss finish alludes to ultra-high shiny or should I say 100 percent glossy.


Due to its shiny property which reflects the light into your space makes your home look more spacious and larger than it actual size. Hence undoubtedly it ts the excellent choice for a smaller kitchen.

Lighter the color the higher the reflection of light into your space that’s why white is the most popular color for a high gloss finish.

Last but not least high gloss finish cabinetry is easy to clean which always concerns the homeowners.


Fingerprints and dirt are more visible due to its light reflection than they are visible on matte or semi-gloss cabinetry but keep in mind high gloss cabinetry also very easy to clean.


If you are more concerned about the visible fingerprints and scratches on high gloss cabinetry you can choose the matte or semi-gloss cabinetry for your lower cabinets and high gloss finish for your upper cabinets. Benchtop cabinets reflect more light than the lower cabinets as they are fixed at the eye level. 

What is Matt Cabinetry finish:-

Matt Finish is the contrary of shiny and glossy finish. It is more suitable for a traditional style kitchen which has rounded fronts. It looks as good as shiny cabinets. It is gaining popularity in fact in Europe matt finish cabinets are more popular than the high gloss cabinets.


It eliminates all the disadvantages of high gloss cabinets.

Being matt finish fingerprints, dirt or any other imperfections are less visible than on high gloss finish. It doesn’t mean you won't be seeing any fingerprints and dirt it is just that won’t be as prominent as they are on a high gloss finish.

As there is no reflection of the light so it doesn't make cabinets’ front look darker or lighter which hold the consistency of the color in matt finish.


As there is no reflection of light in Matt finish it doesn’t make your space or home look bigger.

Matt finish doesn’t have a smooth surface which makes it quite difficult to clean compared to high gloss cabinets.

Tip for matte finish.


Use the color contrast to create a point of interest and give it a more appealing look. 

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