A Wardrobe is a most essential furniture item in any home. We all love to have a modular wardrobe to keep the stuff organized. When it comes to choosing a modular wardrobe, one should know the different types of wardrobe designs and measure which one will go perfectly with space.

There are different types of wardrobes to make choice such as Free Standing Wardrobe, Operable Wardrobe, Sliding Door Wardrobe, Walk-In Closet. Other than this, one can get a customized wardrobe of all type.

  • Openable Shutters Wardrobe: The openable shutters wardrobe is a traditional style and most recommended by all the manufacturer of a wardrobe. Openable shutters can be designed with different designs and finishes and it adds exclusive look to the bedroom. The openable wardrobes usually made with wood finish. There are more options such as metal and plastic also available for the openable shutters wardrobe.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe: Sliding wardrobe is the modern way of openable wardrobe. The Sliding Door Wardrobes can be mounted with wall and this wardrobe can be designed with two, three or four doors as it occupies less space. This enables more free space in the room. This type of wardrobe is usually recommended to those who does not have more space in the bedroom.

  • Walk-In Closet: Walk-in closet is the luxuries choice when it comes to clothes storage. For people who are really into fashion and love collecting clothes over and time, walk-in wardrobes can be the perfect solution. A custom-designed walk-in closet provides space-saving options, including multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, drawers, baskets, and hampers.